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[Watch This] The Only Survival Gear You’ll Wear On Your Wrist



A survival kit on your wrist is the best thing you could have when you’re out for hunting. The EDC Paracord Survival bracelet is not only compact, it’s likewise handy, and it’s jam packed with all sorts of survival gear in an aesthetically pleasing package. Let’s follow DropForgedSurvival as he reviews this EDC Survival bracelet from Wazoo Survival Gear.

[Watch This] The Only Survival Gear You’ll Wear On Your Wrist

The Wearable EDC Paracord Survival Kit

A paracord is a very strong cord used in parachute suspension lines that is surprisingly heavy-duty. It is made of lightweight materials such as nylon ropes, braided together to form a strong mesh that is the paracord. In the present, it has caught the attention of survival savvy individuals and even military personnel that it has been used for other purposes aside from parachutes.


This EDC Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet has a lot to offer in emergency situations. It has of course the paracord rope, which is very useful in making shelter, a compass for navigating, fire steel and a ceramic strike blade for starting a fire, and a reflective signal mirror among others. The paracord bracelet’s got almost everything you need when in distress and for sure, it won’t be a hassle to carry.

Undeniably, the paracord bracelet is a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts and hunters. It is light and could be worn as an accessory so there’s no reason for hunters not to bring with them this ingenious emergency bracelet. We should always be prepared for anything that comes our way and an EDC survival kit makes sure that we are ready.

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