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[WATCH THIS] The Most Thrilling Lone Wolf Hunting Ever Recorded



Do you want to see a death-defying wolf hunt in the cold Canadian north? Watch this amazingly incredible video from Tim Wells in his pursuit of one of the deadliest predators in northern Canada! You’ll be sure to experience the thrill of the hunt once you learn the elements that this expert hunter fought in order to achieve success.

[WATCH THIS] The Most Thrilling Lone Wolf Hunting Ever Recorded

Tim Wells Personifies Lone Wolf Hunting As He Hunts Wolf In Northern Canada Alone

This awesome video is taken from the Relentless Pursuit episode “I’m Over Here”. Tim Wells is in pursuit of this elusive wolf. It took him 3 days of bitter cold of Northern Canada just to kill this deadly predator. His undying determination kept him alive and awake. Watch the video and be in awe of Tim’s hunting skills!

It took Tim Wells 11 years trying to capture a wolf bow kill on camera. Two cameramen quit, one got hypothermia and another turned back at the boarder. These men knew exactly what hunting out in the cold Canadian forests would be. With the average temperature at -21°C, getting cold feet is the least of your problems! Nevertheless, Tim perseveres on his endeavor to sack a fierce wolf despite the frigid weather.

This is the first time that Tim Wells is hunting alone in the blistering cold. His unyielding passion led him to his success and killed one of nature’s deadliest brutal creature. This video will inspire you and ignite your passion in hunting. It clearly shows that he who doesn’t give up is on the right track to success!

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