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[Watch This] Pick Your Hunting Knives Like A True Hunter



Picking out hunting knives is no easy feat. If you want to refer to some experts, chances are they’re gonna give you different opinions and they’re gonna have their own personal favorite. But of course, from that point on you’re gonna have an idea on what to look for in a great hunting knife basing on the core features that the experts tell you about. If you’re looking to buy a hunting knife and you don’t know what to buy, then this article is perfect for you.

[Watch This] Pick A Hunting Knife Like A True Hunter

The Difference Between Hunting Knives And Their Purposes

There are hundreds if not thousands of hunting knife manufacturers and skimming through all of those knives reviewing every product is definitely not worth your while. Unless of course if you’re on a quest of totally wasting your time. Choosing a knife depends on the size of the game you’re going for and it helps to have different knives for each. Good thing, Dan of Plaza Cutlery and Howcast put together a bunch of great knives on this video focusing on the features of the knife that you might want to have in yours.

Hunting knives differ according to the purpose that they’ll serve like if you’re gonna use the knife for processing the meat of the deer, that knife is gonna have some features that does not appear on other knives. For one, if you want to open up the belly of the deer, the drop point gutting knife is what you’ll want to use but for boning, you’ll want to use the boning knife which has serrations on its edge and a guard to keep your hands from sliding to the blade.

As for the skinning of the animal, you’ll want a skinning knife that has a large curved belly. Once you test it out, you’ll know why a big bellied skinning knife is perfect for the job.

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If you want an EDC hunting knife that fits snug in your pocket, you might want to grab a folding knife somewhat like a Swiss Knife. These things come in very handy and the best part is, they could be your EDC small survival knife!

Dan definitely covered all there is to know for hunting knives. With this complete guide on choosing a hunting knife, you’ll surely be able to start field dressing your harvest and process that organic meat in no time. Having a single hunting knife is great, but for optimal results, you’d want to have separate knives for different tasks.


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