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[Watch This] Essential Checklist For Your Wilderness Survival Kit



Have you checked your wilderness survival kit lately? What items do you bring with you that could be useful in case you get lost or got out of the trail when hunting? If you haven’t checked or you don’t bring a survival kit at all, then you better get to work and include the items on this list presented to us by BudgetBugout!

[Watch This] Essential Checklist Of Things For Your Wilderness Survival Kit

10 Items To Bring At A Minimum Before Heading Out To Hunt

For you to survive, there are five basic C’s that you need to have in order to last until help comes. These are cutting, cordage, cover, combustion, and container. Cutting for making shelter, processing food, and a lot of other tasks. Cordage, to make traps, shelter, and generally to tie things down. Cover, to keep yourself warm if it is cold or to protect yourself from the sun if it is blazing. Combustion is to make fire, and you’ll need a container to put your drinking water in. The items on this list will definitely provide you the 5 C’s you’ll need to survive.

Survival Axe or Knife

A hunting knife or survival axe will be enough to cover for the cutting of the 5 C’s of survival. Carrying one or both will be very useful in survival scenarios!

Swiss Knife

A Swiss knife as an EDC could prove useful when cutting smaller things.

Compass and Map

More than just surviving, it should be your main priority to head back to civilization and the use of a compass and a map will make the task less difficult.

Bandana or Extra Socks

A bandana or extra socks and coal can help filter water that you’ll need in order to survive.

First Aid Kit

Just in case you get wounded in the woods, having a first aid kit can be handy!

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Tactical Flashlight

A tactical flashlight can provide vision during the nighttime in case you still aren’t able to produce fire. It can also be used to signal the rescuers visually.

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper can be used as tinder and in case you’re not really that deep into the woods and you wanna take a dump, at least you brought toilet paper with you.

Emergency Radio

An emergency radio can alert you and let you know if you have been reported missing and with this tool, you’ll know if someone’s coming for you any time soon.

Solar Charger or Extra Batteries

A solar charger or extra batteries could be an extra lifeline for your emergency radio and flashlight.



If you get lost in the woods and you haven’t had anything to eat in the past 16 hours and you miraculously emerge at a diner outside of town, you’ll be glad to have brought extra cash with you!

These items should be enough to cover for all the 5 C’s of survival. It may not provide you much comfort, but it will definitely keep you alive.

Survival is key when you’re out on the wild. If you need more information about hunting and survival, lick here for more hunting tips.

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