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[Watch This] Professional Knife Sharpening Tools And Stropping Gear On A Budget



Having the proper knife sharpening and stropping equipment at home is not seen as a necessity by some hunters. As such, they prefer to some cheaper alternative ways to sharpen their knives with a whetstone or other sharpening devices. Nonetheless, it is definitely better to have a professionally concocted knife sharpening tool that will cut down your knife sharpening and stropping process with essentially efficient results.

[Watch This] Professional Knife Sharpening Tools And Stropping Gear On A Budget

Chris Tanner’s Shoestring Budget Knife Sharpening Gear

Sharpening and maintaining your knives is very important but is sometimes neglected by some people. You don’t want to take out your knife to skin the game you just killed only to find out that the knife is dull and is rusting from the blood of your last kill. Being always prepared is essential to having a successful hunt and being prepared means having sharp knives to cut the meat with. Watch Chris Tanner of PREPAREDMIND101 sharpen his knives using three different methods using inexpensive but professional tools.


Chris uses the Harbor Freight 6″ Buffer for two of his methods to sharpen knives. This piece of equipment sells for about $40 dollars so you don’t wanna miss out on this tool!


For the first method of sharpening, he attached the Duro-Felt Hard Felt Wheels on the buffer.


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Chris suggests that the preferred compound to use is the RW Wilson Green Compound to match with the Duro-Felt Wheels.


For Chris’s second method, he replaced the wheels with the Power Strop Leather Wheels and buffed it up with Herbs Yellowstone Strop Compound.


For stropping, the most preferred equipment is the Harbor Freight 1×30 Belt Sander amounting to only about 30 bucks.


Lastly, the recommended belt is the Surgi-Sharp Leather Strop Blet made perfectly for the belt sander’s size but are easily available in other sizes as well.

Some hunters just get tempted to buy a good quality knife instead of buying professional knife sharpening equipment. All in all, the strop belt and the belts sander cost a total of $55 which is way below the price of a decent knife. So remember, next time you want to add a piece to your survival knife collection, be reminded that you’d have to sharpen them at some point and these pieces of equipment will surely make the task effortless!


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