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[Watch This] Custom Savage Axis – The Custom Hunting Rifle On A Tight Budget



If you are looking for a new hunting rifle but is a little tight on the budget, then this custom hunting rifle is definitely for you. Originally purchased at $300, customizing this Savage Axis will definitely get you out and hunting in under 500 bucks! Watch Matt of NeverEnuffAmmo and see what he did and the additions he made on his Axis II XP hunting rifle.

[Watch This] Custom Savage Axis – The Custom Hunting Rifle On A Tight Budget

High Quality Rifle In Under $500 That Will Leave You In Awe

The Savage Axis II XP can be purchased for $350 or less if you can find a good deal and with this awesome price, you can start customizing it to a high quality custom rifle. The extra $90 that you’ll be paying for the Axis II XP upgrade has way more value than you would have with the regular Axis. With the II XP, you’re getting an $80 AccuTrigger and a Weaver Kaspa 3-9×40 Scope that’s worth $120. That in itself is a hundred-and-ten-dollar savings! Read on to know more of the customizations this Savage Axis underwent!

The original stock that this rifle came with was made of plastic and it is really flexible. When trying to shoot with a bi-pod or setting the gun on a rest, the stock touches the barrel due to its flexibility and that messes up the idea of a free-floating barrel which may affect your accuracy.

The stock was replaced by a 99-dollar Boyds Stock that comes in many different colors and is made of great quality wood consequently adding up some pounds.


For carrying comfort, a Claw Quake Sling was installed on this custom Axis.

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An elastic shell holder for some extra ammunition is definitely a must-have in this custom rifle. You’ll never know when you’ll need some extra shells for hunting. This also provides extra cushion for the cheek rest.


Lastly, the optic rings were replaced by the Weaver 4-Hole Rings that come in at around 30 bucks making this Savage Axis XP II a real nasty custom rifle.

Having a great hunting rifle doesn’t mean you really have to spend up thousands of dollars just using all the stock parts that come with the gun. Sometimes, an inexpensive rifle can turn into an effortlessly accurate and ingeniously assembled custom rifle. A little bit of know-how will take you great heights in hunting with the custom hunting rifles.

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