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Best Tent Stoves You Can Bring For Winter Camping



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Aside from the warmth and comfort that a tent stove brings when winter camping, it can also dry your clothes and make your camp cooking easier. Sleep soundly at night and start your day smoothly with a hot breakfast and with these tent stoves that’ll surely warm up your shelter.

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9 Best Tent Stoves to Warm You up for a Hot Tent Camping | Your Companions During Winter Camping

1. Guide Gear Large Outdoor Wood Stove

If you’re looking for a tent stove that’s long-lasting, then this item with assembly hardware, five pipes, and an ash rake is perfect for you. Additionally, since its legs are removable and the whole piece fits itself inside, you don’t have to worry about transporting and storing it.

This tent stove is wind-resistant, covered with a black finish, and made with galvanized steel. It’s compatible with any wood type and serves as a great heater. The holes through its door allow you to manage the stove’s temperature.

Now, you can have your breakfast complete with coffee, bacon, and eggs cooked using this quality tent stove.

2. Bullet Proof 50bmg Gasification Rocket Stove Tent Heater

Designed for stability, balance, and support this tent stove’s base is extra wide, and the cooking grate is spacious. You can cook using large pots which are ideal for camping with big groups and families. It also has a built-in handle which makes it easy to transport.

Like smokeless fire pits, you don’t have to think about the smoke this tent heater produces, as it emits little-to-no smoke. It’s made of heavy-duty steel so it won’t be distorted over a period of time.

3. Camp Chef Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Stove

With its durable and strong steel fabrication, this thick-walled tent stove comes with add-ons that are perfect for winter camping. Its accessories include an internal log grate and spark arrestor. It also has a door damper to help you control the temperature when cooking.

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You can easily adjust the length of its legs especially if you’ll be camping on an uneven or rocky surface. It has a wide rack for drying purposes, and you can neatly and conveniently store all its parts inside.

If you’re planning a long-term winter camping, this tent stove is an ideal companion as it serves as both a cooking tool and a heater in below-zero conditions.

4. Winnerwell Woodlander Medium Tent Stove

Winnerwell offers various tent stove sizes, and this particular item is an ideal option if you want to camp with a smaller stove. Both sides have drying racks, and the whole package includes a grate, spark arrestor, pipe sections, and ash scraper.

This portable tent stove is designed with a window-like door so you can view the fire inside. If you’ll be traveling from one place to another, simply fold its legs and pack all its components inside. Its side racks will serve as your handle so you can easily carry it.

5. Winnerwell Woodlander Deluxe Cook Package

If you’ll be camping with open flames, the detachable hot plate cover of this tent stove can allow the fire to touch its bottom section. This way, you’ll have more control over the heat while cooking.

It comes with a complete package including pipes, spark arrestor, carrying bag, water tank, and fireproof mat. This stainless steel tent stove is easy to set up, and you won’t have a difficult time assembling its parts.

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6. Uncompahgre Collapsible Pack Stove

When put together, this tent stove measures 19 inches in height and weighs 32 lbs. It has a round-shaped stovetop flue hole, and its control damper manages the air circulation inside. Additionally, it includes a spark arrestor and 20-inch long pipes.


Even if it’s hot, this tent stove won’t bubble and flake off. It’s made of black steel with a thickness of 20 gauge and covered with 1,200-degree stove paint.

7. Ohuhu Stainless Steel Backpacking Stove

Weighing only 14.2 oz, this stainless steel stove is one of the best ultralight and smallest tent stoves that you can use for winter camping. Additionally, since it’s a wood-burning stove, you don’t need to worry about your fuel consumption which makes it perfect for backpackers. However, due to its size, it might not be suitable for big camping groups.

Just use the resources around you such as wood and leaves. If you’ll be needing another fuel source, you can use alcohol tablets with this tent stove instead. Then, you can already prepare your barbecue while winter camping.

8. Winnerwell Fastfold Titanium Tent Stove

From the name itself, this tent stove is manufactured with a fast-fold design which makes it easy to set up and disintegrate without using extra tools. It can resist higher temperatures compared with steel, and its thin walls don’t sacrifice its durability.

Made of lightweight titanium which is a strong metal, this tent stove is engineered to withstand bumpy roads as you do your winter camping. Additionally, it only weighs under four lbs which makes it compact enough to be stored in your pack.

9. Danchel Outdoor Portable Titanium Tent Tiny Stove

This is another lightweight and portable tent stove that you can bring to your winter camping for heating and cooking purposes. You won’t be needing the aid of other tools to assemble this tent stove, even the pipe can be simply unrolled and folded to create a chimney.

Its door has a glass window so you can peek through it. Weighing less than four lbs, you might think that the body is too thin, but this tent stove is incredibly firm as it’s made of titanium.

Sleep comfortably in your tent despite the worst conditions with the help of a tent stove. Watch this video by Dan Becker to learn about other ways how you can sleep warm during your winter camping:

Now, you don’t have to tremble and freeze inside your tent due to extreme cold weather. Be sure to include a tent stove in your camping gear for your next winter adventure in the wilderness.

Do you have other tent stoves in mind that you’d like to bring to your next winter camping? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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