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[Watch This] Three Hunting Rifles Every Hunter Should Have



As a hunting beginner, the wide variety of hunting rifles and the diverse array of cartridges make it almost impossible to decide which hunting rifle you’ll purchase for starters. Of course, you’d have no reference as to what features you’d want to have on your rifle based on your experience which is actually zero. Nonetheless, experts started out with a small and relatively cheap hunting rifle to begin with and start taking note on their preferred specs from there on.

[Watch This] Three Hunting Rifles Every Hunter Should Have

Small, Medium, And Large Hunting Rifles For Different Kinds Of Game

A true hunter definitely has one or more hunting rifles sitting at home. One doesn’t seem enough when hunting all types of game since the power and caliber should be specifically matched with what type of game you’re hunting. Here are 3 hunting rifles that every hunter should have to be able to successfully hunt game from small, medium, to large animals.

A 22 LR is perfect for beginners and more suited to smaller game animals. The 22 LR has minimal recoil and is perfect for learning the shooting fundamentals. Once you master this rifle, you’re ready to move on the the medium and large big game rifles!

If you’ve grown the 22 LR out and you want to add more velocity in your shots, you’d want to have a medium rifle like this Remington 788 that’s great for medium and big game animals. This bad baby shoots very flat with relatively low recoil.

Now for the toys for the big boys, the 308 hunting rifle is definitely a man’s hunting rifle. It’s got lots of power but a with a serious amount of recoil and some extra bucks to come with that.

The real trick here is to have all bolt action rifles so that each time you shoot, you cycle subconsciously for a quick follow up shot. Suffice to say that cycling the gun comes naturally as a reflex which makes for a really quick killing blow or another round in case you missed the first time. Nonetheless, nothing great can be achieved without practice so you’ll need to master all these three guns to haul in the big Alaskan elk.

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