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Where To Shoot A Deer? 9 Ethical Kill Placements You Need To Know



happy-hunter-whitetail-buck-harvested-wisconsin | Where To Shoot A Deer? 9 Ethical Kill Placements You Need To Know | Featured

Precision is key in hunting, and knowing where to shoot a deer is a crucial step in bagging that trophy. Check out these best placements, and kill a deer with a single shot.

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Where to Shoot a Deer | 9 Best Placements for One-Shot Kills

— This post is courtesy of the American Gun Association shared with permission —

1. Broadside Shot Placement

hunter-gun-his-hands-aiming-wild | where to shoot a deer from different angles

Regardless of the weapon you’re using, this shot is the most ideal one. From this angle, the deer is perpendicular to you which makes its organs exposed.

Look at the section where your target’s front leg meets its body. This point of intersection is your sweet spot. A shot near this area would give you a clean and quick kill.

Your bullet would enter between the deer’s ribs and would find its way out on the other side. It’ll create destructive harm to your target’s heart and lungs, but it would result in only slight meat damage.

2. Quartering Toward Shot Placement

male-hunter-camouflage-clothes-ready-hunt | where to shoot a deer facing you

Even though this angle isn’t ideal to achieve a clean shot, you can still kill your target at close range. However, its shoulder, rib, and leg placement would shield your bullet from hitting its organs.

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Target the section where the deer’s leg meets its body. Aim a bit forward of the same sweet spot in a broadside shot placement. Try to get into its chest cavity, and break its bone structure.

If the deer is at a steep angle, wait for a better position. Otherwise, direct your shot toward the liver.

3. Quartering Away Shot Placement

red-deer-stag-between-ferns-autumn | where to shoot a deer from a treestand

It won’t be a problem if the deer is facing away from you. This shot placement still gives you a chance to pierce through your target’s organs.

Aim a bit farther back from your broadside shot placement or the far side of the deer’s front leg. Alternatively, you can focus on aiming your shot at its ribs on the further back area near its liver.

You should be able to hit its organs and cripple your target. However, this will result in meat loss in the shoulder section.

4. Straight on Shot Placement

large-whitetail-buck-taken-during-deer | deer shot placement chart

If a deer is front-facing, try to hit its heart. It might seem uncomplicated, but it can be tricky and challenging at the same time.

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Remember that if your shot placement is high, you’ll only hit its back or neck. If it’s either on the side, you’ll only damage its shoulder.

Aim your bullet at its chest cavity. Otherwise, you might miss your chance and only hit a single lung. Although piercing through one lung might eventually kill your target, it’s still better to aim for both. This is why you should target its heart on a facing presentation.

5. Neck Shot Placement

deer-hunter-aiming-rifle-woods | where to shoot a deer with a 22

Some hunters prefer to aim at the deer’s neck. An accurate shot through this area would result in the partial destruction of its spine. This will lead to your target’s death in a few seconds.

All you have to do is visually locate the deer’s spine. Then damage a solid muscle within a few inches from it.

If you only hit the edge of your target’s neck, it won’t be an ethical kill. You won’t harm any organs, and the deer won’t just be able to lift its head.

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6. Head Shot Placement

happy-hunter-deer | deer anatomy shot placement

A headshot could give you an ethical kill but only when it’s done properly. Otherwise, it would lead to a cruel and barbaric death.

You can aim for either your target’s brain from the side or between its eyes. If you miss a hit, your bullet could go through the deer’s nose or jaw. This is non-lethal and would just result in an excruciating death after days or weeks.

If you carry out this shot successfully, it would disrupt all your target’s bodily functions. Additionally, there won’t be any meat loss.

7. Double-Shoulder Shot Placement

deer-hunter-blaze-orange-ten-point | deer hunt

The goal of this shot is to place your bullet through the deer’s shoulder blade. Let it slam through its chest cavity, hitting the other shoulder blade.

If the direction of your bullet would be this accurate, it would snap and fracture your target’s spine. Afterward, the deer won’t be able to move again. This shot would disable its central nervous system which would lead to its death.

Keep in mind that your shot would need to pass through your target’s bones. Use a powerful rifle with a heavy bullet.

8. Base of the Skull Shot Placement

successful-hunter-his-game-blacktailed-buck | hunting deer

Make an acceptable kill shot by targeting the area between the deer’s head and neck. It might seem a bit complex for beginners in hunting, but this shot has a low margin of error.

Regardless of where you’re situated in the forest, this shot placement will kill your target straight away with minimal meat loss. Additionally, it won’t disfigure the deer’s antlers or skull.

9. Below Tree Stand Shot Placement

hunting-moose | deer hunting rifle

It might be tough to make a shot if your target is below your tree stand. Since you have a steep angle from this position, you might only hit a single lung. In such a case, the deer would still live for a long period of time.

Wait for the deer to move a bit farther away from your location. Then, aim higher than if you’re at the same level as your target. Hit both its lungs by aiming at its spine and behind its shoulder.

You can also practice this shot in topography with notable slopes.

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Keep in mind that each hunting scenario entails factors such as vegetation, wind, movement, and orientation. Evaluate your situation first before deciding on where to shoot a deer to achieve an effective and ethical kill.

Do you have other thoughts on where to shoot a deer that you’d like to let us know about? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below!

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